The ongoing saga of BT faults and ADSL noise issues: May 2017
(Updated September 2017)


Man at work:

This is a recording of call to complain about a BT engineer caught red handed wilfully disconnecting users without warning.

Please help send the cretins a wake up call. The chances are some part of your life is blighted by this dreadful organisation, so please share this evidence of quite remarkable indifference far and wide

This is a facebook post you can readily share across facebook: BT caught with its trousers down

And as usual contains further tales and evidence confirming that telecom providers don't get any more inept, unhelpful and indifferent than this.


account BT  VP66790370  number 01245 227##9


13:07 ^Lizzie - BT Care Team

Hi William

Do you have an account with BT? ^Lizzie - BT Care Team


Yes - VP66790370 or may be that changed to EA35601811

But the big issue here is how you can simply disconnect users with no warning. That was also an alarm line and thing went off telling us to call the service people who have a 95 min charge!


^Lizzie - BT Care Team:

I'm afraid we can't access your account and it's coming up that you are a business customer, we only deal with residential customers here. You can reach the business faults team on 0800 800 154. ^Lizzie - BT Care Team


Pause for a moment and consider how this will look when added to the saga - not only does BT /Openreach pass the buck and point fingers - now BT can't cope with itself!

You make the perfect case for breaking up the business - and I expect the execs all stand to make a fortune from the sell off ;-)


I listened to the call William. You called the damage reporting line for Openreach - they deal with health and safety issues eg - a pole falling down, a manhole cover is broken etc.

On the call you told the advisor you were a BT customer and he gave you BT customer services contact number for you to report the fault.

You didn't tell the advisor you were a business customer. ^Lizzie - BT Care Team


When in a hole, it's best to stop digging. ??

He had the line number - do you mean that he couldn't tell from that?

I know - next you will blame "data protection... " ??


You need to speak with the business team on the number above or tweet them @btbusinesscare William. ^Dean - BT Care Team


I have wasted too much time already trying to call BT over the years - you could ask them to call, could you not? Although the cabinet where the disconnection took place obviously affected customers of all Open Reach's victims. I would like to talk to someone who is primed and ready to talk policy on such matters, no another trip round Mumbai, please.


William I'm really sorry about this but as my colleagues have explained we only deal with Residential customers on here but you can chat to the Business team here or tweet them directly @BTBusinessCare and they will look into this for you. ^Sharon BT Care Team


What a shambles...