The ongoing saga of BT faults and ADSL issues: Dec 2019
(Updated September 2017)

A fruitless twitter DM exchange... that took all day!

Hi - we have low speed problem since an adjacent property installed a BT VDSL router - our speed dropped from 70 to 35 at the same time. Tried talking to first line support on the phone they just want to send us a new router - but we have spent a long time setting the existing router up and do not want to start again. And seriously doubt this the problem anyway. We have a second service here from Entanet (also Openreach) and that is still a healthy 70/20 We would like to speak with someone that knows about the tech and is not just reading a prompt card. Tnx

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Hi William, sounds like it's interfering with your signal if the speed on a wired connection is remaining the same. Have a go splitting the SSIDs -

Thanks, Abbie

 12:52 PM

You misunderstand - both are wired Openreach lines. This has nothing to do with WiFI speeds. All measurements are on devices connected to our 1GBit ethernet network. We have years of hassle and mendacity from BT (see http://bt.isadisgrace.comfor some history) The neighbour's BT line was previously connected to a DSL port in the cabinet and is 150 yards away - his WiFi signal is not visible here. I have been a comms design engineer for 30 years years and probably know more about all this tech than your people do. When my speed is halved at the same moment as my neighbour is connected a VDSL router, I think there is a very strong possibility that BT have messed up at the cabinet and/or the cables to here.

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DM me over your land line number please let us have a look at your connection here, Abbie

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Thanks. Can you also confirm the name of the account holder, please? Zach

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this chat is taking forever - BTW the online chat on the website wasn't working when I tried before I started this tiresome twitter exchange.

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You guys all make the process so painful we give up and go away, don't you?

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Hi William, I'm sorry you feel that way, I'm going to run some checks on your connection here and I'll get back to you once this is done, please bear with me. Becky

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