Here's my note to the CEO:

Dear Jeroen

Please take a look at and then let's discuss your company's fast collapsing social media disaster.

Your "people" will tell you I am a serial nuisance - only because Vodafone is a serial offender.

I can't believe you are aware of customer reactions in your various "social media" interfaces - social it is not.... there is a full on sh*tstorm under way, and it is not slowing down. You simply cannot ban everyone who hates dealing with Vodafone from all your sites!

Now, if I am one of those fated awkward users that manages to trip over all the obscure and unlikely events that mean I am finding every one-off exception in your otherwise competent service, then please give me a (freefone) phone number and direct email address to reach competent people directly..?  But I think we both know I am not the only one who has been driven to extreme distraction by the run-around of woeful Vodafone support process.


I'm guessing Vodafone does not do "irony" or sarcasm very well.

There is no evidence of any attempt to speak to me, possibly because the number I gave them was transferred to three and might not yet be off their switch memory.

From: []
Sent: 10 December 2014 12:22
Subject: Vodafone


Dear William,

Case reference # CS00017656477

We have tried to call you regarding your complaint and unfortunately, we havenít been able to speak to you. Please could you contact Vodafone Customer Relations Team on 03333044764 any day between 09:00 to 18:00 to discuss the issue further. Please note that the calls made to 03333044764 will be deducted from free minutes allowances.

Kind Regards,


Romel Bhatt

Customer Services Adviser

Customer Relations

Vodafone Limited
Phone: 033 33 044 764



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