Vodafone's site is littered with all sorts data analytics and trackers that steal your privacy...

There is a page dedicated to discussing privacy

You could spend a week trying to understand what this is saying - let us summarise: when you wander through the Vodafone website s HUGE number of apparently innocent bits of spyware are sent to your browser that enables Vodafone (and others) to follow you around the web..

You cannot opt out - or the website will not work. Of course Vodafone insists hat this is like broccoli - you may not like it, but its really good for you. But given all the evidence of how much Vodafone cares for its customers and cherishes their opinions, somehow we feel any normal person should simply stay away from the site and not get caught up.

And see what just one of their "collaborators" is doing - and find out what Tagman has to say for itself - it's a vast page of techno waffle designed to confuse the average punter into giving up looking further. But there is an opt out link if you look long and hard enough - here is what clicking on the link does - presumably messing with your cookies and other spyware:


Just say no.