I received another snail mail communication telling me to go away and not bother them.

However, Ms Jones, this fails to note that my latest beefs have been with the process of moving one number on an account covering 3 numbers, and finding myself locked out and unable to administer the other two... and the two suresignal devices that are covered.  But as we know, Vodafone does not generally let the facts interfere with issuing another order of bums' rush.

Plus of course, no acknowledgement mention of my generous tendency to want to tell Vodafone how to run its business for the benefits of its users and shareholders.

As it happens, my own phones are now with Three and I have no gripes on that score. But one of the two remaining numbers is stuck in a Cubot1 phone, and the official Vodafone advice is to "go away" - despite its website STILL saying:


"Keep the phone you love with a SIM only plan from just 9.50 a month and you can keep your number."

We love the Cubot1, but Ms Jones cares not....


10 December 2014

Dear ###########

Following your recent contacts with Vodafone your case has been escalated to me.

You have been correctly advised that we cannot assist with 3rd party devices, the Cubot One

is not a supported device and we have assisted as much as possible. We have never stocked

this phone and it is not possible to test every phone that is manufactured.

The reason we only test our supported range is due to the amount of testing required to

make sure everything functions correctly on our network. Whilst you can always add the APN

settings to a non-supported device there is no guarantee it will work on our network which is

the issue you have.

This is our final position on this issue and we will not be responding to any further emails or




Karen Jones

Customer Relations Team Manager

Customer Relations

Vodafone limited

Vodafone HQ, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN, Registered in England No



So Vodafone is still telling the same old lie to entice users to leave their existing - functional - network and enter the nightmare world where the customer is never right, and any attempt to point out the shortcomings of Vodafone are treated as unwelcome heresy.